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You’re here because you’re fucked. You have alienated everybody. You have lied to your friends, lied to your family.


You have lost control over yourself and your finances. You may have legal difficulties that were born of your addiction to gambling, and you see the offers from casinos as your salvation.


You may have written checks you can’t cover, borrowed money that you can’t repay, or embezzled money to support your habit.

Social Media is your worst enemy. You see people winning all the time and you think that your next big win is right around the corner. 


The levels of dopamine required to sate you are all but impossible to achieve and you feel completely alone.

I get it, I’ve been there. You can’t do it alone. It is possible to regain control over yourself without medicine, or a 12-step program that takes over your life.

But first, you must admit that you have a problem and want help. It is only then that things will start falling into place.

I am not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Therapist, Doctor, Attorney or Life coach.  I am not a social worker, nor am I formerly educated to treat addiction, or any other disease.

I am instead, a simple man that has learned various means and techniques to control myself, and now, I share these techniques and exercises with people that need help, and often have nowhere else to turn.

It took me thirty years and many millions of dollars to finally get to a place where I feel that I can help other people. I am not inexpensive. Nor am I one to mince words. People often turn to me as a last resort. If I don’t feel that you’re serious, I will turn you away. If we do wind up talking, it is 100% confidential and I will not share our conversations with anybody.*           


*Darryl Rosenblatt is an ordained minister credentialed by the Universal Life Church, and is a member in good standing.

2010 Nevada Code


Chapter 49 Privileges

NRS 49.255 Confessor and confessant.

NRS 49.255 Confessor and confessant. A member of the clergy or priest shall not, without the consent of the person making the confession, be examined as a witness as to any confession made to the member of the clergy or priest in his or her professional character.

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