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The Video Podcast Series.

A Master of prestidigitation, Hypnotist, High Limit Gambler, Designer, Marijuana Connoisseur, and Political Activist, Darryl Rosenblatt has never had a filter. Whether playing slot machines for $500- a spin, or performing close-up miracles for an international clientele, D never goes small, and his Podcast is no different. Often controversial, but always real, D speaks candidly about current events and shares his experiences as one of Las Vegas’s most coveted whales.

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- Mai Ho
Peppermint Hippo

The dude is stone cold crazy and funny as hell. This guy is smoking some really, really good stuff. Surprisingly good advice from a lunatic. lol

- Onya Legg
Doordash Driver

He so funny and so crazy. He smoke too much. I want to cook for him.  He looks like he likes food. He make many jackpots.

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